Financial Planning Equals
Family Peace Of Mind

A financial plan is a simple way to:

  1. Establish your family's short and long term financial goals
  2. Test to ensure that they are realistic
  3. Make a plan to reach those goals
  4. Plan for life's unexpected events
  5. Get on with the rest of life without worrying about money!  

It is critical that all individual and families have a long-term financial plan to ensure long-term independance.   A financial plan will plan for many life events:

  • Do you know how much you will have for retirement or are you just guessing
  • Have you projected college costs for your children?
  • Are you prepared for future increases in healthcare costs
  • Does your insurance really cover your risks or are you over-insured and wasting money?
  • Do you have family financial goals?
  • Financial planning is not just what do I do with my investments?   While investments is a large part of it, financial planning also includes making goals, making sure you are on the right track to meet those goals and having the foresight to look ahead.   

Check out our sample plan with the link above.     Please contact us at the link above so we may discuss how we can help you!

A Financial Plan Is A
Path To Reach Your
Family's Goals!


Having and achieving financial goals is crucial to all families today!   Making a family financial plan is the only way to reach those goals.   

  • Family Financial Goals
    • Getting married and starting a family?
      • Have you and your fiancée discussed money
      • Do you have joint goals?
      • Are you inheriting debt?
      • Do you want to buy a home?
      • Starting a Family
    • Planning for College
    • Tax Planning
    • Savings for Retirement
    • Do You Really Know The Fees You are Charged?
    • Investment Review
    • Insurance Portfolio
    • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning is not just for investments!   We all need a roadmap and professional help to maximize our money.   

Pinepoint Financial's clients are families that want to keep and maximize their money!   If your family has an income of $60,000 per year or more, contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you!   Hit the contact button above!


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