How We Meet Our Mission Statement:

  1.  Simplify The Process -
    1.   Work with clients so they understand what financial planning is and how they can benefit from having a plan!   Not just winging it!
    2.   Meet with clients at a time convenient with their schedules
    3.    Meet in person or via Conference Technology
  2. High-Quality Planning -
    1.   Understand our client's goals
    2.   Help clients make goals
    3.   Ensure our planners have the highest financial planning training.
    4.   Stay abreast of the industry with annual training updates.
  3.  Affordable - 
    1.   Ensure that our fees fit into a family's budget
    2.   Ensure that all of our clients receive back at least $1 for every $1 they spend with us along with the piece of mind a plan provides.
  4.   Clients Make The Most of their money -
    1.    Most firms charge high fees plus have fees hidden in their funds, commissions, and products.   Pinepoint wants to make sure that your money works for you and eliminate those unwanted fees.
  5.   Open Communications -
    1. Have an open and honest communication with our clients and schedule two annual meetings a year to review the performance of the plan.
  6.   Put Our Clients First 
    1. Our most important value is to avoid conflict-of-interests and put the client first.   We do this by:
    2.   Fee-Only Planner
    3.   We sell no products to make commissions on which would adversely affect our recommendations and judgments.


Our Mission Statement:

Pinepoint Financial shall - 

  • Make Money Management Easy For Our Clients - Simplify The Process
  • Provide High-Quality Financial Planning
  • Make Financial Planning Affordable So All Families Will Have A Plan
  • Ensure Our Clients Make The Most Of Their Money
  • Ensure An Open Cross-Communication With Our Clients and Between Our Clients
  • Put Our Clients First And Always Avoid Conflict-of-Interests!