Why Pay for Financial Planning?

Great question.   First of all, we will not take a client engagement unless we can save them money and show a positive return for our fees.   Our goal is to save/earn you at lease double your fee total.   Invest in yourself!   Why should I pay for financial planning when many others offer it for free?   Simple - nothing is free.   If a professional is offering planning for free, then you can be assured that they are getting a commission or reimbursement from the company whose products they represent, be it investments, insurance, annuities, etc.   Our Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor designation assures you that we always put our client's interest first and that we disclose all reimbursements/conflicts before our engagement.   Our mission is simple - help families hold onto their money and be prepared financially for a successful life!


Our Fees:

  • We are a Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm
  • We adhere to strict Fiduciary Standards
  • Our first Consultation meeting is 100% No Charge
    • You make sure that you are comfortable with our services
    • We make sure that we can save you money 1)